Who We Are

To be the most reliable retailer and wholesaler brand of drones, serving national and international clients alike,
catering to their specific drone technology needs.


Our Story

We have dedicated capabilities designed to help enterprises as they launch and scale their drone programs. Our extensive skills, strong manufacturer relationships, and top-quality sensors and software are here to serve one combined purpose: to help our customers succeed. We help enterprises establish successful drone programs

The History

From mission definition to product selection, from program initiation to rapid scale up, we offer a top-quality program operation including our Always FlyingTM fleet management program, and express service and repair capabilities. Our mission is to make sure your drone program is successful.

“We enable our customers to generate a higher ROI with our supported pilot programs. Because corporate leadership wants proof of concept before making a significant commitment, demonstrating a strong ROI is critical.”


James Frank   / CEO


Our Mission

We offer a comprehensive safety curriculum that can be customized to provide a turnkey drone safety training solution – enabling your organization to scale safely, professional and efficiently to maximize ROI while mitigating risk.

We understand that enterprise solutions aren’t always that easy to use. This is why we provide extensive training solutions ranging from standardized training (e.g., Online 107) and off-site and classroom modules, to on-site flight training and fully customized training packages built for your enterprise.


We offer the most comprehensive fleet of drone equipment. We inventory more drone-related equipment than anyone else in the industry. 


We provide custom kitting for a simpler delivery process. Our enterprise customers need a straightforward way to acquire equipment, and we understand this. As a result, our kits have updated firmware and are flight-tested before shipment. 

Premium quality

We give always a high quality version
of our all drones collection.

Free delivery

Free of cost Delivery in Europe and United Kingdom.

2 years warranty

We provide minimum warranty of 2 years for our all products.

Ready to revolutionize
your security?